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Masters of converting massage into customer satisfaction

Charline Kennedy, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
& Owner

Charline began her massage journey by enrolling at The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in 2011. She graduated 2 years later and received her Ohio State medical board license in 2013. After gaining valuable experience while working for various chiropractic and massage therapy practices she was able to branch out and started Essential Kneads Massage Therapy in 2015.

Since earning her license, Charline has studied to become a certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Therapist and is trained in pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and newborn/infant massage. She then received her Bare Foot Masters certification and practices Ashiatsu Bar Therapy as well as Fijian massage. Additionally, Charline specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, hot stone therapy, thermal therapies, sports massage, IASTM technique using Rock Blades and cupping, as well as techniques used for relieving headaches, sinus issues, and TMJD.

After spending nearly 10 years in the accounting/finance field, Charline decided it was time to follow her heart and her hands. Having learned first hand how effective massage can be in the healing of her own injuries she fell in love with the power of touch. She is thankful everyday and couldn't be happier to have been able to pursue her passion and dream of being a massage therapist.


Hot Stone Therapy

Nurturing the Mother: Pregnancy Massage

Bare Foot Masters: Ashiatsu Massage

RockTape: FMT Kinesiology Taping

Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Steffany Osborn, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
& General Manager

Steffany received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the College of Education and Human Development at BGSU. She decided she wanted to expand her education to help more people by inspiring and educating them on health and healing through the art of bodywork and fitness. This is what led her to pursue massage therapy.

She graduated at the top of her class from the Massage Therapy Program at EHOVE Career Center in October 2017. Steffany was a BGSU cheerleader for 5 years and coached her hometown high school cheer team from 2017-2019. She enjoys fitness and nutrition and believes it is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to Swedish Massage and Chair Massage, Steffany specializes and enjoys working with therapeutic techniques including; Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Therapy, Ashiatsu, and Trigger Point Therapy. She also has experience in Sports Massage/Sports Taping, Cupping and RockBlading, MLD, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Therapy.


Monday: 9am-3:45pm (Grafton)

Tuesday: 3pm-9pm (Wellington)

Wednesday: 3pm-9pm (Wellington)

Thursday: 12pm-7pm (Wellington)

Friday: 9am-2pm (Grafton)

Massage Therapist Team


Michele Harbaugh, LMT

Lead Licensed Massage Therapist
& Grafton Operations Manager

Michele graduated from the Medical Massage Therapy program at Cuyahoga Community College and received her license in 2017 with over 850 hours of education. She enjoys meeting new people and is passionate about health, wellness, and how the benefits of massage therapy can help the community. She wants to assist people in finding relief from different injuries and other various issues. 

Michele specializes in Therapeutic Techniques including; Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Positional Release Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, Cupping/Blading, as well as Orthopedic Assessment, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Facial Treatments, and Chair Massage. In addition to those specialties, Michele will soon be trained in Sports Massage, Ashiatsu, Aromatherapy, and IASTM by RockTape.

Did you know?

Michele is also a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and would be eager to assist anyone using her skill set in massage therapy as well as her training from DoTERRA.


Monday: 11am-7pm (Grafton)

Wednesday: 10am-6pm (Grafton)

Friday: 10am-5pm (Grafton)

Saturday (Various): 10am-4pm (Grafton)

Brittany Scherban, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
& Marketing Coordinator

Brittany graduated from Ohio College of Massotherapy in October of 2015. Brittany formerly attended college to pursue a career in the fitness industry when she took a leap of faith and moved an hour from home to attend school for Massotherapy. During her schooling, she made the Dean's List each semester and graduated in the top of her class. In addition to meeting new people, she most enjoys educating others; especially on how massage can help their bodies. Of course, most people know their own body best, but that doesn't mean we always listen to them. Brittany feels communication is the key to understanding an individual's body as well as why and how massage can and will help.

Brittany specializes in Swedish Massage as well as Therapeutic Massage; including Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy Technique, Abdominal Massage, Chair Massage, Thermal Therapy, and Aromatherapy. She has also mastered the use of therapy tools such as hot and/or cold stones, Cupping, and Rock Blades to achieve the best results during therapeutic sessions. In addition to massage, she offers Face Treatments, Foot Treatments, and Foot Bath Detoxification.

Did you know?
Brittany is also a Thai Massage Therapist and is very excited to introduce anyone and everyone interested in experiencing this unique, but increasingly popular, form of body work.

Monday: 12pm-6pm (Grafton)
Tuesday: 10am-5:15pm (Grafton)
Thursday: 11am-5pm (Grafton)
Friday: 9:30am-3pm (Grafton)
Saturday: 9am-3pm (Grafton)



Kim Young, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Since graduating from Ohio College of Massotherapy and obtaining her license from the State of Ohio, Kim has been practicing massage therapy in Grafton since 2007. She is an insured member of Associated Bodywork and Massage (ABMP).

Kim practices various methods of therapeutic massage and bodywork, including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage. She also specializes in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM): blading and fascia blaster, to help treat fascial dysfunction. Additionally, Kim has completed specialized training in Fibromyalgia treatment.

Kim enjoys helping her clients find relief from pain or stress and educating them on the importance of maintaining self care.

Monday: 10am-3pm (Grafton)
Wednesday: 12pm-6pm (Grafton)
Friday: 10am-2pm (Wellington)

Nicole Yount, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in January 2020. She began her journey in the nursing field where she has worked for the past 12 years due to her passion for helping others heal and continues that passion through the power of touch and massage. She enjoys meeting new people and sharing her knowledge of the benefits massage and self care can bring.  

Nicole is trained and practices Swedish massage, chair massage, along with therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, and IASTM techniques: rock blading and cupping. 

Nicole is currently training in prenatal and ashiatsu massage and plans to continue her education to add stretch therapy, trigger point therapy, and more to her skills.


Sunday: 12pm-5pm (Grafton)

Monday: 12pm-7pm (Grafton)

Wednesday: 12pm-7pm (Grafton)

Thursday: 2pm-7pm (Grafton)

Friday: 12pm-5pm (Grafton)

Lori Widener, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lori is a graduate of the Ohio College of Massotherapy and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003. She has gained much knowledge about the body and its function through many years of experience in the medical field. She is driven by her passion to help people and bring the healing power of touch to them.

She is trained and specializes in Therapeutic Techniques including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Orthopedic Assessment, as well as techniques for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. In addition she also performs Swedish Massage and Chair Massage.

Lori is also a certified Yomassage Therapist. Yomassage is done in a small group environment and combines therapeutic touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness. This can be done with a group of friends/family and is also ideal for corporate settings as it is done fully clothed.

She plans to continue her training and add Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, IASTM techniques, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage to her skills.


Monday: 12pm-6pm (Wellington)

Tuesday: 10am-2pm (Wellington)

Wednesday: 10am-2pm (Wellington)

Thursday: 12pm-7pm (Wellington)

Saturday (Various): 10am-3pm (Wellington)

Esthetics Team

Masters of converting skin care into customer satisfaction

Christine Velasquez

Licensed Esthetician

Christine is passionate about helping and healing others. Suffering from Fibromyalgia she understands pain and hopes to assist other with similar ailments. After many years of curiosity, she enrolled in the JVS esthetics program in 2017 and graduated in 2018. She is now ready and able to pursue her dream career. Christine feels that this is what she was meant to do.

Christine specializes in skin analysis, skin care products, basic facials, prescriptive facials, extractions, facial massage, arm and hand massages, shoulder and neck massages, body scrubs and wraps, face and body hair removal, use of electrical equipment for treatments, application of skin peels and exfoliants, as well as professional and corrective make-up application.


Monday: 2pm-7pm (Grafton)

Tuesday: 4:15pm-7pm (Grafton)

Wednesday: 4:15pm-7pm (Grafton)

Thursday: 4:15pm-7pm (Grafton)

Friday: 10am-2pm (Grafton)

Sidney Gates

Licensed Esthetician

Sidney has always shown an interest in how the human body functions, doing best in anatomy and honors biology throughout highschool. Originally Sidney was going to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Although, months before graduating in 2017 she discovered her love for treating people’s skin, and strange enough, popping pimples.

The summer after graduating she came across the class to become a licensed esthetician located in the 2017 LCJVS catalog. Shortly after, her skincare journey began! Sidney graduated from the Lorain County JVS in October of 2018. Sidney is passionate about her career choice and enjoys helping others to feel confident in their own skin. 


Sidney specializes in skin analysis, skin care products, signature facials, specifically targeted facials, extractions, facial massage, hand and arm massage, full-body relaxation massage, body scrubs and wraps, face and body hair removal, use of advanced equipment for treatments, application of skin peels and exfoliants, as well as professional make-up application.


Monday: 2pm-7pm (Wellington)

Tuesday: 2pm-8pm (Wellington)

Wednesday: 2pm-8pm (Wellington)

Thursday: 10am-2pm (Wellington)

Friday: 2pm-6pm (Wellington)

Client Reviews

You understand my concerns and needs and address them works out good every time thanks!

                                                                                    -Scott B.

I always get great service and a fantastic massage !!!
                                                                                               -Christopher W.

Very professional, felt very comfortable, and I also felt very relieved and less tense afterwards which is exactly what I wanted! Definitely would recommend and I’ll certainly be going again!

                                                                         -Jacob M.

Brittany is a tremendously talented massage therapist. I went in with a killer headache and lots of tension. When I left, I was pain-free, relaxed, and in a completely better place. This is an outstanding studio!

                                                                                                                -David P.

I feel great today! Michelle was able to really address my knots and ease the pain I was having.

                                                                                        -Beth W.

Wonderful experience. Definitely will be back!
                                                               -Dawn D.

I took my daughter to Michelle because of her lower back pain/achy. She did a wonderful job and my daughter felt so much better. Also, my daughter is on a HS Swim Team and Michelle did some stretching on her which also helped tremendously!!

                                                                                                                       -Logan H.

My husband bought me a gift certificate for a relaxation massage and this was my first professional massage. I had Jennah who done an amazing job. I came out feeling refreshed. I already have scheduled my next appointment and plan to keep rescheduling. It’s a great business! 
                                                        -Haley W.

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